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Pasig solon distributes another 22 titles

June 19, 2009 06:54 PM Friday

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PASIG City Congressman Roman Romulo recently provided the “light at the end of the long tunnel” that residents of the Melendres Compound of the city’s Bgy. Caniogan have been traversing for nearly two decades.

The light came in the form of assistance, through the efforts of the city’s lone representative to the House of Representatives, that paved the way for the government’s condonation of the penalties that have accumulated because of years of inability of the residents to pay for their homes.

And the long-time dream of finally owning their nests was realized with their receipt of the titles that finally secured their ownership of the property where most of them built their respective families.

Romulo braved the heavy rains that hit the metropolis that morning and distributed 22 titles that brought smiles to the faces of residents who thought that their predicament was a hopeless one.

“The problem that has plagued these people was not of their own doing. And we are in a position to help and I think it was just right that we did something about their situation,” Romulo stressed.

The affected residents, sources say, were victimized by one of their own when a former leader of their community was said to have misused the money they paid for their homes for his personal benefit.

Aside from the 22 families that received their titles recently as part of the second batch of beneficiaries, another 17 received their titles over a month ago that brought the number of residents with secured ownership of their homes to 39.

Another batch of around 57 residents will receive their titles in the coming months to bring the number of beneficiaries to 96.

The government has condoned over P1 million in penalties to help the residents of this community with 170 residents get back on track in the payment of their arrears with the National Home Mortgage Corporation.

Romulo, it was learned, managed to make these arrangements long before the enactment of Republic Act 9507-- the law which allowed the government to condone the arrears of housing loans.


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