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Container homes becoming popular

(The Philippine Star) Updated May 16, 2011 12:00 AM
MANILA, Philippines -  With the heat-wave hitting the Asian region, including the Philippines with record-high temperatures, and fear that massive earthquakes may not spare the region just like what recently happened to Japan, people from all walks of life, have become more environment-conscious.
Due to the collapse of a great number of modern building structures hard-hit by earthquakes of intensity 7 or 8 in Asian countries like Japan and Indonesia, the urgent need for building structures that are solid and strong like container vans-turned into beautiful architectural designs suited for home structures, yet with safety-features and durability, have become popular.
In fact, today, many are pre-fabricated, mass-produced, cheap and mobile. They are compatible with practically every transport system, and are easily accessible all around the world. They are also strong, resistant, plus stackable, and at the same time modular, recyclable and reusable.
Container buildings, even those of larger proportions, can be assembled in a very short time. The outer shell of a container resists any on-site manipulation. It can withstand the worst of weather conditions, the cold and the heat, as well as salty-water, high winds, downpours, and other inconveniences. These characteristics are fully shared by container architecture. Containers are modular in nature, and adaptable to spatial needs of their users.
Container architecture could be used for homes, four to five story buildings, conference centers, schools, gyms, offices, and coffee shop, plus a long list of other structures. The ISO-container architecture has the following measurements: 20 feet container& 40 feet container. Modular, these can be changed fast and easy. Said container architecture often includes other construction materials aside from containers, such as wood, steel, concrete and glass, which make container-made buildings more like other custom made architecture.
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