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[ Baguio ] BWD to finish pipe expansion work later this year

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 [ ]

By Ernie N. Olson Jr.

THE ongoing expansion and rehabilitation project of the Baguio Water District (BWD) is expected to be finished by the fourth quarter of 2009.

BWD general manager Teresita de Guzman said while the installation of their new water piping system is almost complete, what will take most of BWD personnel's time in the coming months is the individual connection of these main pipes to separate pipe stands. Pipe stands are clusters of five meters in each blue metal cage.

De Guzman said while the number of active water connections being serviced by the BWD has increased from an estimated 25,000 in 1994, when they started the expansion and rehabilitation project, this number has now reached over 28,000.

"If we would include our inactive connections, or those whose service has been cut off or those who opted to have their connections voluntarily disconnected, the number would even reach over 30,000," she pointed out.

De Guzman explained that while these pipe stands and communal water connections are still attached to their old main pipes, which the BWD needs to retire, they would be linked to the newly installed main water pipes before the end of this year.


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