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[ Zambales ] Technostrat's Eco-Coral backs marine biodiversity

Updated January 22, 2009 12:00 AM

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Technostrat Corp. a marine technology and research subsidiary of the Winace Group of Companies, said it has been observing the proliferation of coral and marine growths on their artificial reef products – called Eco-Coral – deployed in underwater nurseries located in Capones Island, Zambales. The growths were observed only five months after Eco-Coral was deployed and have expanded rapidly in the 15 months since.

The pH-neutral artificial reef is purpose-built for faster coral reef growth, and environmentally friendlier than other artificial reefs made from tires, old ships, or cars, which leach contaminants into the water and harm the environment.

Jointly conceptualized by Brian Stanley-Jackson, Technostrat Chief Scientist, and Winace Group Chairman, Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr., Eco-Coral offers a viable solution that effectively and speedily rehabilitates denuded coral reefs, while simultaneously beautifying them.

“Eco-Coral is internationally patented. It is positioned as a prime mover of the Coral Triangle Initiative,” said Haresco, referring the proposal drafted in 2007 by Indonesian President Yudhono establishing a Coral Triangle Initiative protecting coral reefs, and therefore fisheries and food security. It was subsequently endorsed by the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA). “Continued coral destruction and denudation is a global problem.

“Locally, the destruction of Philippine reefs has resulted in smaller catches for our fisherfolk, and translate to a depletion of income and a vital protein source for Filipinos,” added Haresco. “In finding innovative, ecology sustaining solutions, Technostrat is more than just business, it is a corporate social responsibility and environmental conservation project in one.”

Eco-Coral is also a central component in the Galaxy Reef, a massive $10-billion underwater reef project proposed to the Dubai government, to be located adjacent her Palm Jumeirah and The World islands.

Eco-Coral is currently being deployed in the waters off Boracay Island, by an undisclosed first-class Boracay resort, in an effort to restore and beautify damaged Coral Reefs. “This is among the first very cost-effective, green, solutions to upgrading our underwater eco-tourism assets,” said Haresco.


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