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Developer: No squatters in John Hay

by Dexter A. See
[ ] March 5, 2012

BAGUIO CITY—The Camp John Hay Development Corp. criticized claims of the Bases Conversion Development Authority on illegal settlers in the former US recreational center, noting that the allegations are part of a planned takeover by the state-owned agency.

Alfredo Yniguez III, CJHDevCO executive vice president and chief executive, said published accusations by BCDA that the Sobrepena-owned firm had occupied some 600 square meters of prime land near a sewage treatment plant at John Hay Special Economic Zone were untrue.

“There is no squatting here,” he said, adding that the alleged structures of War Bird Security Agency was inside the 247-hectare leased area that CJH Devco has been developing in the past 16 years.

“We deplore the strong-arm tactics being resorted to by BCDA in its bid to justify a takeover of John Hay.”

Yniguez said the case before the Department of Justice was aimed at seizing control of CJH Devco projects that include the Camp John Hay Manor Hotel and the Camp John Hay Golf Club.

He said the filing for alleged violation of the Urban Housing Development Act of 1992 was an offshoot of the developer’s obtaining a temporary restraining order after showing evidence that BCDA was amassing security forces.

Yniguez said what its service provider, Warbird erected were outposts and other temporary security facilities primarily intended to secure the Camp John Hay Manor and other vital facilities within the CJH Devco area such as sewage treatment plant (STP- 6) and the Eco-Trail portion which were quite prone to security hazards.

“These latest attempts to take out Warbird will result in the loss of CJH Devco’s security controls and safety measures which threatens the safety and security not only for 2,600 employees but also for thousands of tourists and visitors who frequent the camp daily,” he said.

“Setting up temporary security facilities in strategic locations within an area being secured is a standard practice in the security industry,” he said, adding that contrary to BCDA claims, there were neither families nor roosters around.

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