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Developer uses ‘feng shui’ to design townhouse units

Published on 21 September 2012  [ ]
Written by RAADEE S. SAUSA

Mañosa Properties Inc. continues to develop its exclusive townhouse cluster, Ylang Lane, at the heart of New Manila, even going to a point of using feng shui to make buyers feel that they are making a good investment.

The company said that this nearly infallible instinct may have something to do with that spacious entryway, how the light strikes the window just right, or simply the property’s proximity to malls and hospitals.

According to the company, “good fortune will favor Ylang Lane’s future residents, as every step of its construction process has been geomancy-consulted. With its lushly vegetated terrain carefully sloping to collect the good chi, the townhouse will further draw in youthful and vibrant energy, as it fronts a school. Furthermore, Ylang Lane is situated in an area of Quezon City considered by feng shui experts as especially favorable for prosperity.

Some top real estate developers go to great lengths not just to create homes with good feng shui, but also to scout for locations that naturally attract positive energy.

With only seven units, each unit has a floor area of 344.5 square meters, rising four-story high from the three-car garage up to a grand penthouse with rooftop garden entertainment area. The compound will have a wide interior road and open area for a common garden and playground.

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