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Vista Land posts record sales

[ ] June 2, 2011

Listed property developer Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc. said housing sales for the first four months of the year reached 5,000 units, a record.

Vista Land said sales consisted mostly of house-and-lot packages, with its popular housing brand Camella continuing to account for the biggest chunk of its sales.

"Sales take-up for our house-and-lot products shows we are treading in the right direction in hitting the P24 billion target for the year," said Paolo A. Villar, Vista Land chief finance officer.

At least 70 percent of Vista Land’s sales came from a split between Camella Mega Manila (Metro Manila, Cavite and Laguna) and Camella Regions (Luzon, North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao), with the rest of the brands, upper-mid Crown Asia, high-end Brittany and vertical group Vista Residences completing the 30 percent.

Vista Land chief executive and president Benjamarie N. Serrano said the figures show that Vista Land is the clear leader in the industry, from the affordable to the middle-income sections of the house-and-lot segment.

She noted that Vista Land outsells all six other listed industry players, with sales more than double those of the latter combined.

Serrano said Vista Land, particularly Camella, has remained the most preferred developer in its segment over the years as it continues to enjoy the trust of Filipino families, based on a study by Philippine Survey and Research Center (PSRC).

"This continuous, positive trend on the sales of Camella house and lot for a number of years shows preference for Vista Land’s Camella and its dominance over any other brands or developers in the housing category," said Serrano.

She added, "It is clear to us that house and lot is still the favored pick over condominiums, townhomes and lots."

Vista Land is the country’s pioneer homebuilder and the only developer that can claim to have the widest geographic reach, Serrano said.

Its projects are available in 21 provinces and 48 cities and municipalities and the company’s bullish expansion shows no signs of slowing down, Serrano said.

Vista Land has sold more than 250,000 homes in its 35 years in the business, with growth primarily propelled by the Camella brand. Recently, Camella announced expansion and opening of developments in at least 16 key destinations and P12 billion worth of affordable Lessandra projects in the provinces.

Last year, it sold 9,500 units amounting to P20 billion.

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