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Sandari Batulao bares initial offer

(The Philippine Star) Updated December 05, 2011 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Citystate Properties and Management Corp., a joint venture between the ALC Group of Companies and Singaporean investors, is putting together a landscaped mountain resort in Sandari Batulao with an initial offering of just 582 lots in a 44-hectare initial development called Nale.

Set to dictate a new tempo in property development with just 14 lots per hectare, the Sandari Batulao development will feature lots of greenery in keeping with the overall theme of the mountain development that boasts of a magnificent view being in the midst of two mountain peaks, Mount Batulao and Mount Talamitam.

Sandari, which is a Sanskrit word meaning of “Zaanta”(peaceful) and “Dare” (valley), is a mountainside resort of 800 hectares near the South China Sea. It is thus expected to get the interest of those who want to retire in relative comfort and with nature’s wonder all around. This month, the place is has its yearly phenomenon that happens every last week of December when the sun nestles right between the two mountain peaks and creates a magnificent view.

Long time residents of Batulao and the nearby localities term it as the “ilaw sa dalawang bato” or “bato sa ilaw” from which Mt. Batulao derived its name.

Ambassador Antonio Cabangon Chua, who is chairman emeritus of the ALC Group, said that Sandari Batulao is commited to developing properties that will enhance the quality of life, contribute to the enriching communities it will build and enhance its immediate environs.

He said that the Citystate Properties ‘ mission is “ to contribute to nation building by providing residential products that only offers good value for money and suit varied lifestyles but also create jobs within the projects it will develop.”

Sandari Batulao allows residents to go mountain climbing in either the Mt. Batulao or Mt. Talamitam peaks. To get to the top of either one of the mountain means savoring the sights of the other. It is because of this, Citystate Properties is expected to offer ecology tours in the area as a way of firing up interest in its property development.

There are numerous options for a fun filled weekend getaway and mountaineering is considered to be one of the best choices. Because of this, Sandari is also focusing on getting residents who enjoy the peace and quiet of mountain resort living while allowing them the opportunity to try their hand at mountain climbing.

Aside from boasting of nature’s preserve in the Nale offering, Citystate Properties also said that the place, with the climate change foisting a disastrous challenge every year, is situated high up in the mountains which means that it is spared from floods that usually accompany super typhoons.

After the Nale is taken up, Citystate intends to come up with other enclaves that would have different offerings in keeping with the overall theme of Sandari Batulao which is to highlight its mountain resort community.

With over 700 hectares yet to be developed, the Sandari Batulao property is expected to bring in residents who would make their place a weekend getaway and a way to refresh and recharge after a week of stressful activities in the metropolis. That, Chua said, is what the Sandari Batulao will assure its residents.

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