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Caesar’s Palace proposes $1.5-B dev’t near NAIA 2

(The Philippine Star) | Updated November 12, 2014 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines - Caesar’s Palace is proposing to put up its $1.5-billion integrated entertainment center next to NAIA’s Terminal 2 on mostly idle government property spanning around 30 hectares.

Steven Tight, Caesars president for international development, said the American casino giant brought in foreign experts to advise on the re-design of the airport and connect terminals 1 and 2 via a light railway transit.

Since Caesar’s expects to bring in as many as 3.5 million visitors annually here, its foreign experts also proposed ways to raise the number of flights on NAIA’s existing runways.

He said this can be done by building a new control tower with technologically advanced equipment that can guide aircraft 150 miles away, instead of the present 50 miles to allow more take-offs and landings.

Additional high-speed exits are also proposed for aircraft to immediately clear the runway after landing to give way to the next aircraft that will either land or take off, he said.

Caesar’s Palace is projecting to generate initially 20,000 jobs and make the Philippines a major tourist destination, not just for casino players.
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“Macau blossomed into a behemoth because it allowed all the major global players to operate there. Each operator spent huge sums to market Macau. It will be the same with the Philippines, which actually has more to offer and should be a better destination,” he said.

 Macau languished for decades as an entertainment haven when the business was limited to only a handful. But starting in 2004, when the global brands opened their doors, Macau, now with more than 40 casinos, grew so fast that it now dwarfs Las Vegas with revenues that are about six times as much, Tight said.

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