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LLDA names eight top polluters of Laguna Bay

Thursday, September 18, 2008 [ ]

THE Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) on Wednesday named eight companies and establishments as top polluters of the Laguna Bay.

LLDA general manager Edgardo Manda said these firms were found to be having no sufficient or efforts in complying with the effluent standards in its discharge to the lake and the LLDA’s regulatory requirements.

However, Manda said the number of the top polluting firms has decreased from the 2007 list of 26 companies polluting Laguna Bay.

Manda explained that the decrease could be attributed to the LLDA’s “shame campaign” since 2006 that publicly names those contributing to the pollution in the lake.

The LLDA chief further said necessary fines are imposed by the agency to the violators.

During its public disclosure program for this year, the agency named the eight top polluters as Bimta Slaughterhouse in Quezon City; Boulangerie Francaise Inc. in Pasig City; Chinatown’s Bestfood in Quezon City; Joly Food Industries in Laguna; Readycon Trading and Construction Corp. in Quezon City; Builders 2000 Inc.; Puregold Price Club Inc. in Quezon City; and Robina Farms 11 in Rizal.

Manda said the eight firms have committed manipulation of effluent discharge, obstruction of authorized inspection activities, with verified pending legal cases and have either been issued or under cease and desist order.

The LLDA also named 36 companies having a hard time complying with effluent standards that is a regulatory requirements for this year, he said.

While, 39 firms have been rated within effluent standards and having full compliance with all other LLDA regulatory requirements and has well maintained wastewater treatment facility, Manda continued.

Manda said the LLDA also congratulated 15 companies for having effluents better than the applicable standards of the LLDA, as well as functioning monitoring equipment and discharge points that are accessible to inspection.-- Ira Karen Apanay


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