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SMIC gets local support for Hamilo Coast’s eco-living

[ ] June 17, 2010

Hamilo Coast, SM Investment Corp.’s 5,700 hectare residential and resort project in Batangas, has won local government support for its ecology friendly development plan.
Three coves in the property – Pico de Loro, Santelmo and Etayo – were recently declared marine-protected areas.
The declaration will ensure the continuous and long-term protection of marine life, said the World Wildlife Foundation, which is SM Investment’s partner in developing the area as an eco-friendly place.
The declaration results in controlled motorized sea vessel activity and the prohibition of marine exploitation.
Hamilo Coast is a breeding place for turtles which leave their eggs on the beaches to be incubated and hatched. Three types of turtle have been identified as visiting the area.
WWF said that the man-made structures are guaranteed to be of low impact to the environment.
WWF’s main work in the sprawling property focuses on coastal resource management, solid waste management, and the use of renewable source of energy.
Efforts in propagating marine life --- such as giant clam seeding --- have also begun.
Projects in Hamilo, meanwhile, continue to roll out.
SM Investments, through unit SM Land Inc., is preparing the launch of its fifth residential offering called Amandava, after the successful launch and marketing of the Jacana, Myna, Carola, and Miranda projects.
Turnover of units in the initial projects are in full swing, with delivery of condominium units in Jacana and Myna reaching 50 percent.
Jess Lucas, SM Land Inc. vice president, said the beach and country club will be opening within the year.
SM Investments is also constructing the 154-room designer hotel Pico Sands, which is expected to be completed by first quarter of the year.
For most of the year, the focus is on the completion of ferry service amenities which are set for unveiling by the first quarter of next year.
Hamilo Coast’s wharf and causeway will allow the ferrying of visitors all the way from SM’s flagship Mall of Asia in Pasay City, according to Hamilo Coast senior manager for projects Chiqui Tronco.
Trompeo said two ferry boats carrying as many as 200 passengers will be deployed.
The wharf and causeway will be built in Papaya Cove, one of the 13 coves to be developed in the property.
Current developments, apart from the wharf and causeway, are located in Pico de Loro Cove, where residential projects Jacana, Myna, Carola, and Miranda are located.
Pico de Loro is also the site of the soon to be opened beach and country club.
SM Investments earlier announced investing P7 billion for the development of the initial phase in Pico de Loro.
The plan for Pico de Loro involves the development of nine mid-rise, low density condominium buildings with spacious units and breathtaking views, and a hotel for transient guests.
The development is centered around a man-made saltwater lagoon that is an extension of the waterfront of the beach.

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