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Measure regulating construction of road humps in QC okayed

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Monday, 21 May 2012 15:48 [ ]

Quezon City Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista has approved an ordinance that will regulate the construction of any traffic-calming structures like road humps that slow down the fast mobility of trade and the day-to-day routine of residents.

The measure, authored by Councilor Anthony Peter Crisologo, would be the answer to the motorists as well who feel bored of travel delays not because of the long queue of vehicles but because of too many elevated structures perpendicularly constructed on city streets.

Crisologo said Ordinance SP-2135, s-2012 seeks to regulate the construction of humps, speed bumps or any protuberance on public roads within the territorial jurisdiction of the city.

According to Crisologo, the traffic-calming device is a useful structure in reducing vehicle speed along thickly populated areas, especially schools, churches and industrial sites where life of the crossing pedestrians is at stake.

“But it also poses danger and sometimes accident due to its physical design that is poorly constructed, lack of pavement marking visible to road users, absence of corresponding warning signage and the location to where it is placed,” the councilor said.

Record shows that road humps have become the main causes of traffic obstruction in the metropolis that mushroomed without any notice along major thoroughfares and city streets.

With the Crisologo ordinance, the local government will not now allow anyone to construct any kind of hump or protuberance without securing clearance from the City Engineering Office.

Bautista said it is aimed at ensuring that the speed-limiting structure to be constructed is strategically placed and will be able to withstand the weight that may test its physical design.

The measure mandates the local engineering office to evaluate all existing humps or protuberance within the city and make proper recommendations for the demolition of any speed-limiting device that fails to meet the required standards.

A fine of P5,000 or an imprisonment of not more than six months or both at the discretion of the court shall be imposed on any person, firm or corporation who will violate the measure.

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