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LRA: Regional offices computerized in 2013

By MST Business | Posted on May. 28, 2013 at 12:01am |
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The Land Registration Authority said it will complete the upgrading of all Registries of Deeds offices by the end of 2013. The upgrade includes the renovation and refurbishment of all RD offices and their connection to the LRA central office to allow landowners gain nationwide access to land titles through the local RD in their area.
“The RD offices had to be physically reconfigured because the computerization program requires an environment that is modern to house all the computerized systems, and also appealing to the transacting public,” LRA Deputy Administrator Ronald Ortile said.
He said the central office is now connected to 129 RDs, representing 92 percent of LRA’s computerized transactions. Ortile disclosed the agency had scanned 22.1 million titles, with 21.2 million already encoded and saved at the LRA database.
With the refurbished RD offices in place, the landowners can now secure certified true copies of their land titles in any of the computerized RDs across the country. “They just need to go to the nearest computerized RD or extension office to initiate the transaction,” said Ortile.
Ortile added land owners could actually save time and money by using the LRA’s Anywhere-to-Anywhere (A2A) service.
“If a client based in Quezon City wants to obtain a CTC of a land title stored in an RD located in Davao City, all the client needs to do is to go to the Quezon City RD and request for such document. He will actually save on travel and accommodation costs,” he said.
Ortile said banks and financial institutions could benefit from the A2A because the service makes land transactions more efficient, with many of them already conducting representations with the LRA to set up extension offices in their respective offices to avail themselves of the A2A service.
Land owners and financial institutions can also check the status of their transactions online through the LRA online tracking system found in the agency’s Web site,
To make the land titles more secure, Ortile said digitizing the original land titles through its e-Titling service makes the land titles more secure, prevents duplication and overlaps, protects title holders from loss, damage, theft and natural disasters, and more significantly, eliminates fraudulent titles.
“The computerization project has in fact become a catalyst for greater efficiency and productivity in the RD offices nationwide,” Ortile said, adding “that’s why we are encouraging all land owners to utilize the technology available to enjoy better and more efficient services while protecting themselves from fraud.”
Aside from the improvement of RD offices, the LRA central office also underwent massive rehabilitation, including the establishment of a disaster recovery facility to store back-up information and ensure fast restoration of titles in the event of fire, floods, and other calamities; and the construction of the LRA Information Management Center to serve as the facility that addresses technical issues regarding the project.

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