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Country club vows to uphold its rules

By Gigi Munoz-David | Posted on Dec. 24, 2012 at 12:01am
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Chairman Robert John Sobrepeña vowed to discipline violators of the by-laws, rules and regulations of Southwoods Golf and Country Club.
He said member Chris Carreon, allegedly of the Southwoods Reform Group, was suspended over 140 questionable proxy votes during the Board of Directors election.
Carreon was found out when Union Bank, the Club’s Stock and Transfer Agent, disallowed proxies submitted by their group and the members for whose signatures were not authenticated.
Sobrepeña said the Club has implemented the policy of mailing prenumbered proxy forms directly to members involved, as practiced by Manila Polo Club.
He said other “Reform Group” members composed of Mari Antunez, Jimmy Gosiaco, Hanson So, Boy David and Ernie Salazar, have likewise been suspended.
Board Secretary Marisse Agustin claimed she was harrassed when she refused to yield taped Minutes of proceedings.
“This 2013, Southwoods members can expect that management will fight all attempts to frustrate free and honest elections in Southwoods,” Sobrepeña said. “The current management has worked very hard to establish Southwoods as one of the best golf clubs with all the right processes in the country.”
Agustin said Atuñez also took a temporary restraining order to prevent the latest board election.

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