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ALI to sell part of FTI

Published on Sunday, 17 February 2013 23:00 [ ]
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Ayala is reported to be selling 2,000 sq.m. lots from the 74 hectare property at five times the acquisition cost. Ayala two decades ago started developing Ayala Alabang which sold like hot cakes, the developer now seems it will replicate the Alabang success.
Instead of borrowing from the banks to set up infrastructures on the 74-hectare property in  Paranaque City bought from the state-owned Food Terminal, Inc., Ayala Land will sell a portion of that  prime property. 
Commitments have been made to buyers but official documentation cannot be prepared until ALI gets authority to sell from the government.
Ayala Land bought the property for about P24 billion or roughly P36,000  per square meter.  Several buyers are said to be willing to pay as much as P150,000  per square meter or about five times the acquisition price.
The supposed plan to sell has not been confirmed by Ayala Land.
Sources said ALI plans to sell in minimum lots of 2,000 square meters.  They pointed out that the sudden spike in real estate prices might have resulted from the purchase by boxing icon Manny Pacquiao at double the price the home of Lorenzo Tan in posh Forbes Park.
Tan, younger brother of Nelson, president of  Banco de Oro Universal Bank, is president of Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.
Observers in the property development market  said buyers are attracted to buy lots in FTI riding on the reputation of the Ayalas in property development and other business ventures including banking. 
The entire FTI property has a total area of 102 hectares.  It is in the name of National Food Authority.
Ayala Land has to spend billions in infrastructure. 
The government decided to keep 24 hectares which will be used as agricultural trading center.  Another five hectares is to be used by the Department of Transportation and Communications as bus terminal.
The terminal will ease the traffic mess particularly in Paranaque and Pasay cities, Makati City and the center of Manila. 
A couple of decades ago, Ayala Land bought the land of Ayala Alabang from the Madrigals.  ALI was swamped with buyers.  Ayala Alabang is now a high-end residential area of around 200 hectares.
The residents of Ayala Alabang made possible the rapid growth of a shopping complex it also owns in Alabang.  The complex was developed almost simultaneously  with the construction by buyers of homes they bought from Ayala Land.
The benefit of a high-income community such as Ayala Alabang extends to the  Filinvest Land of the Gotianuns who set up a supermarket and built several apartment buildings and a hotel in the former property owned by the National Stud Farm.
Observers in the property development sector are saying Ayala Land is selling a portion of FTI in lots of not smaller than 2,000 square meters in the expectation that many of the buyers are speculators.
If Ayala Land intends to expand its operation in FTI after its project is completed, the company may decide to buy back at a remarkably higher price.  The difference may have largely covered by the profits it will make selling part of FTI as soon as it gets a permit from the government.
However, it will make enough profit selling part of the land now.  Whatever additional price it may have to pay buying back the land would have been largely covered by savings in interest costs and profits from present sale.

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