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$60M waste-to-energy plant in Pampanga

[ ] September 16, 2011

MacKay Green Energy (MGE) and Pampanga Green Management Inc. (PGMI) have secured the approval of the Pampanga provincial government for putting up a $60-million waste-to-energy facility.

The PGMI will finance the power project, while MGE will provide the technology.

Matt Evans, vice president of MGE, said the facility can process 800 metric tons of waste day to generate 22 megawatts.

"As our moral, social and economic obligations to the province of Pampanga, Mackay will embark on welfare programs such as livelihood projects generating jobs for up to 300 people for every 800 metric tons of waste treated by our facility and education for the children rather than leave them to scavenge for the waste for a fee," he said.

"With our system there will no longer be any need for landfills; we can actually mine existing landfills. With our facility, you can be guaranteed to be safe from any leachate, which is very hazardous to the human body and causes cancer. Methane issues will no longer be a problem," he added.

The process enables raw waste to be classified into component parts, recyclables and refuse derived fuel. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recovered and refined back to almost purity by the process. Any usable metals are also recovered and purified for sale.

The fuel that is recovered during the waste processing is used to produce renewable energy by processing it in the MacKay indirectly fired gas turbine, developed in Australia.

The gas turbine uses almost half the fuel that is required to produce the same amount of electricity using a boiler steam turbine system, making it more efficient.

Evans also said the company is planning to develop waste-to-energy facilities in other parts of the country, but did not specify the prospective sites.

"The goal of Mackay Green Energy Inc. is to present the Pampanga site as its flagship project and eventually manufacture all parts here in the Philippines making our country a springboard to supply its technology in Asia and eventually the world," he said.

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