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SM Hypermarket opens in Laoag

(The Philippine Star) Updated October 29, 2012 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - The Ilocano Heroes Memorial Hall houses the first ever SM Hypermarket in the region. The province’s symbol of patriotism was restored in such a way that its cultural heritage lives on while each of its pillars serves a new and meaningful purpose. Its renovation has given new meaning to the hall’s reputation as the marquee of the undying Ilocano love for hardwork and dedication in improving the lives of the people.

At the Civic Center of Laoag City, across the Ilocos Norte provincial capitol, stands the four storey structure. For years, it has served as a venue for the local Baratillo (bargain market) and some city events during fiestas and Christmases. The building’s smooth arches and modern design hails it as one of Ilocos Norte’s Art Deco architecture and heritage sites, perfect for housing the region’s first SM Hypermarket.

The plans to restore it recognizes the noble building’s value as a local landmark and cultural treasure, which is why the company has taken extra care to preserve its structure and design. What was once left underutilized is now bursting with life again. It is the company’s way of showing respect to the local way life and to the heritage that the heroes hall represents.

The people of Laoag are invited back to revisit its historic halls and to once again keep its corridors busy. Because today, not only can the people appreciate the preserved magnificent facade of the structure but they can also come and shop for practically all of their household needs. As popularly known, SM Hypermarket is a one-stop-shop where people can get anything from fresh produce, groceries, clothing, appliances, and even home furniture.

The recent opening of the SM Hypermarket Laoag heralds yet another spike in the region’s economic growth. Not only will it benefit the local government in terms of income but it will also create a lot of local employment for the people. This is just the first of many plans to further develop and coincide with the province’s plans to ‘move forward.

Along with the opening, the company has donated P1.5 million to Mayor Michael Farinas for the benefit of the Laoag City General Hospital and a check of P300,000 for the renovation of St. William Cathedral. Though this may seem as a new partnership, it is not the first time that SM and the local government of Laoag have worked hand in hand in improving the lives of the Ilocanos, and it certainly won’t be the last.

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